TRUMPF TPC165 Bottom Wear Plate

TRUMPF TPC165 Bottom Wear Plate

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Get better performance from your panel cutter

Increase the performance of the TPC165

After a while, the bottom wear plate wears out... hence its name. It is designed to do this so every now and then you need to replace it.

You can rotate the wear plate 180 degrees to increase the life span of it however at some point it will require replacement.

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Cut 200mm thick composite panels

With the new TruTool TPC 165 Panel Cutter, you can cut down or cut out windows in polyurethane, polyisocyanurate & mineral wool sandwich panels up to a thickness of 200mm in one operation, regardless of whether the panel surface is flat or profiled.

The TPC165 has a blade & chain that can be set at different depths. This means you can perform cutbacks as well as full cuts with no setup time.

With the 90 degree adjustable blade, you can easily and quickly produce right-angle cutouts (without the need for drilling pilot holes). Even cutouts on pre-mounted panels are easy work, regardless of them being PIR/PUR or mineral wool panels

Features & Benefits of the TPC165

  • Dust extraction port for your safety
  • No need to drill pilot holes for cutouts for windows or doors
  • Long blade life in comparison to reciprocation and jigsaw
  • Very low HAV in comparison to reciprocation and Jigsaw
  • No curved cuts so flashings fit the first time.
  • Rail system prevents marking the panels from the saw movement
  • High cut quality - excellent for high finish buildings that use architectural panels
  • Much lighter & smaller than 350mm circular saws (max cut depth 120mm)
  • No need to flip over panels to cut through up to 165mm thick panels profiled or 200mm flat panels

Read more about the TRUMPF TruTool TPC165 by clicking here.

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