1kg TRUMPF TPC165 Oil

1kg TRUMPF TPC165 Oil

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Improve Tool Longevity & Performance

TRUMPF's oil is specifically formulated for use with its tools. The formula means you get more from your tool with performance as well as preserving its longevity. In the long run, this means you get more for your money.

The oil works best with the TRUMPF TPC165 panel cutter however it can also be used with the TRUMPF PN200 Profiled Nibbler & TRUMPF N160 Nibbler.

TRUMPF TPC165 Panel Cutter / Plunge Saw

The TPC165 is the most efficient way of cutting large composite panels up to 200mm thick. You can perform full cuts, cutbacks and aperture cutouts easily without the need for pilot holes. It can be viewed here. 

TRUMPF N160 Nibbler

The N160 nibbler is a small, compact, and lightweight nibbler that can cut low profile and flat sheets of metal. It cuts metal, whether it be aluminium or steel, up to 1.6mm thick with ease. It can be viewed here. 

TRUMPF PN200 Profile Nibbler

The PN200 nibbler can cut profiled sheets at a fast rate. It is a work-horse of a tool, and it can tackle sheeting up to 2mm thick. This allows you to be more efficient on-site and cut multiple sheets at once. It can be viewed here.