GRABO Portable Lifting Handle
GRABO Portable Lifting Handle
GRABO Portable Lifting Handle

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GRABO Portable Lifting Handle

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Introducing the Erguo S1 Portable Lifting Attachment for Effortless Material Handling

Are you tired of experiencing work-related fatigue or injuries caused by prolonged bending and lifting? At Cladding Mate, we understand the importance of prioritising your safety and well-being. That's why we are proud to introduce the Erguo S1 portable lifting attachment, a revolutionary solution designed to address these concerns and transform your material handling experience.

Get more from the Grabo handheld vacuum lifter and turn it into an even more convenient handheld lifting device with the Erguo S1.


Ergonomic Design and Seamless Integration with the GRABO Handle

Say goodbye to back strain and discomfort with the Erguo S1 portable lifting handle. Ergonomically engineered to minimise the risk of work-related injuries and fatigue, this innovative GRABO handle allows you to operate the GRABO vacuum lifter without bending down. Experience a new level of convenience and efficiency in your roofing and cladding projects.


How does the Erguo S1 attachment reduce work-related fatigue and injuries?

The Erguo S1 portable lifting attachment is specifically designed to tackle work-related fatigue and injuries caused by lifting heavy materials in a bent-down position. Attaching the Erguo S1 GRABO handle to the GRABO lifter allows you to operate the tool without constantly bending, reducing strain on your back. This ergonomic design promotes a safer and more comfortable working posture, allowing you to work longer and more effectively.


Is the Erguo S1 attachment compatible with the GRABO Plus and Pro?

Absolutely! The Erguo S1 attachment seamlessly integrates with the GRABO Plus and GRABO Pro. (The Erguo S1 GRABO handle is best used with the GRABO Pro as it can move from slab to slab without turning off the power but still conserving battery.) It easily fits into the four lifting lugs located next to the grab handles of the tool. This simple installation ensures a secure connection, enabling you to enjoy the benefits of the Erguo S1 without any compatibility issues. Activate the GRABO tool, effortlessly lift, position, and release your materials in one swift motion, all without bending down. The actuator on the handlebar provides convenient control over the tool's functions.


What can the Erguo S1 GRABO lifting handle lift?

The Erguo S1 GRABO lifting handle works with the GRABO vacuum lifter, which can lift porous and non-porous materials, including tiles, glass, cladding, and granite worktops.

How much can the Erguo S1 GRABO handle lift?

The GRABO is known for its impressive lifting capacity, and with the Erguo S1 GRABO handle, you can still lift significant weight. The lift capacity for the GRABO with the Erguo S1 is a fantastic 120kg.


Do you offer discounts for large purchases?

Want to equip your workforce with an ergonomic handheld lifting solution? Now you can do it at an even better price. At Cladding Mate, we provide discounts when you purchase more than 50 of the same item. So stock up on the Erguo S1 and start saving. Just get in touch to discuss your needs and our pricing options.


How quickly can you dispatch the Erguo S1 GRABO handle?

We keep the GRABO Portable Lifting Handle in stock to ensure the fastest possible delivery. We will typically dispatch your item the same day or the next day. And, if we don't have it in stock, don't worry; we'll have it back in stock soon. We'll let you know and speak with our suppliers. We work closely with our suppliers, so your GRABO handle will be back in stock in just a few days.


When will I receive my GRABO handle?

We aim to offer the fastest delivery possible. Often this is next day but can be up to a 3-day service depending on availability.