TRUMPF TruTool S160 Shears (Body Only - No Battery) - Cordless 12V

TRUMPF TruTool S160 Shears (Body Only - No Battery) - Cordless 12V

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(Please note, this is sold as "body-only" and does not include a battery pack)

Fast & Reliable Cutting With Minimal Effort

The TruTool S 160 allows you to cut mild steel sheets up to 1.6 mm thick. Cutting is easy and fast, even when cutting curves. The machine enables you to work comfortably and with little effort.

Minimise service downtime

The tool comes with a brushless motor which means it practically has an unlimited service life, is virtually wear-free, and hardly any maintenance.

You can cut even the smallest radii starting from 15 mm with the TruTool S 160, which offers excellent performance on curves.

TRUMPF 5 Year Warranty

TRUMPF offers a 5-year warranty on their TruTool products. To activate this, the tool needs to be registered with TRUMPF. 

We take care of this for you. When you purchase a TRUMPF tool from us we will always pre-register the warranty so the 5-year warranty exists when the tool gets in your hands. 

Why do we sell them as body-only?

We believe that to get the most out of your TRUMPF TruTool, it should be paired with TRUMPF's unrivaled 12V LiHD rechargeable battery.

That said, we do appreciate however that many people out there already have multiple battery packs sat in tool bags that are waiting to be used. TRUMPF has recently joined the "Cordless Alliance System" which means you can fit any compatible CAS battery into the S160 Shears.