TRUMPF PN200 PN201 Spare Parts Set

TRUMPF PN200 PN201 Spare Parts Set

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Profile Nibbler Accessory Set

Unfortunately, there comes a time when punches, wearing plates & a die need replacing on your TRUMPF PN200 or PN201.

When they need replacing then you don't need to look any further.


  • 2 x punches 
  • 2 x wearing plates
  • 1 x die

Benefits of a new TRUMPF PN200 nibbler punch, die & wearing plate set 

    1. Faster cutting - cut more, in less time
    2. Less vibration - meaning you can use the tool for longer
    3. Tool longevity - a sharper punch means the tool is doing less work
    4. Cleaner cut - a cleaner cut means a better finish
    5. Comfort - the tool moves less meaning it is more comfortable to use

    TRUMPF PN200 Profile Nibbler

    The PN200 nibbler can cut profiled sheets at a fast rate. It is a work-horse of a tool, and it can tackle sheeting up to 2mm thick. This allows you to be more efficient on-site and cut multiple sheets at once. It can be viewed here.