TRUMPF PN200 PN201 Punch

TRUMPF PN200 PN201 Punch

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High-Quality Punch

TRUMPF'S high-quality punch for the PN200 or PN201 profile nibbler is unrivaled in performance.

By simply replacing the punch in your TRUMPF Nibbler you can get back to work.

Replacing the punch can be done tool-free so you minimise downtime.

Benefits of a new TRUMPF PN200 nibbler punch 

    1. Faster cutting - cut more, in less time
    2. Less vibration - meaning you can use the tool for longer
    3. Tool longevity - a sharper punch means the tool is doing less work
    4. Cleaner cut - a cleaner cut means a better finish
    5. Comfort - the tool moves less meaning it is more comfortable to use

    TRUMPF PN200 Profile Nibbler

    The PN200 nibbler can cut profiled sheets at a fast rate. It is a work-horse of a tool, and it can tackle sheeting up to 2mm thick. This allows you to be more efficient on-site and cut multiple sheets at once. It can be viewed here.